Advanced Interference Mitigation in Wi-Fi Technology - Expert lecture

Interlligent is pleased to invite you to an expert lecture on the topic of Advanced Interference Mitigation in Wi-Fi Technology on Oct 23, 2018

The Lecture will be presented by Dr .Doron Ezri, CTO Wi-Fi at Huawei's Tel-Aviv Research Center

Agenda |

Wi-Fi operates in un-licensed bands and therefore operates in the presence of other Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference sources.
In many commercial deployments interference is a dominant factor, dictating the performance of the system.

In this talk we will discuss some new interference mitigation techniques tailored specifically to Wi-Fi.
The solutions are based on advanced MIMO signal processing techniques: e.g., Empirical MVDR and sequence detection
in colorednoise and lead to very significant Wi-Fi capacity gains.


The event will take place at Interlligent Tel Aviv Training Centre, 11th floor, 2 Koyfman st.

 Attendance is free, upon availabiltiy,registration required

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