Automotive Cyber Security- Expert lecture

Interlligent is pleased to invite you to an expert lecture on the topic of Automotive

Cyber Security-Focus on High Performance and Wireless Connectivity

on May 21,2019.

The Lecture will be presented by Mr. Dionis Teshler, CTO, GuardKnox

Agenda | The automotive industry is on the brink of a technological revolution
and a paradigm shift. Connected cars have become the stepping stone for
autonomous vehicles, resulting in an industry shift of focus, priorities, players, and
resource allocation.

Among the presented topics:

• Modern automotive electronics architecture
• Future trends in the automotive world
• Technologies required to make these
   trends a reality

The event will take place at Interlligent Tel Aviv Training Centre,2 Koyfman st.


Attendance is free, upon availabilty. Register here

For more information contact: Tel :03-7588967 | Email: