Expert lectures schedule 2019

Interlligent offers Expert lectures on various topics in the field.

The lectures are taking place at Interlligent Tel Aviv Training centre ,2 Koyfman st.

For all lectures, attendance is free, upon availability, registration required

Expert lectures for 2019 :


20 February- Making 5G a commercial reality

Mr. Assaf Touboul, VP technology Qualcomm - 5G Modem Lead (SDX50)


28 May-Hardware Cyber Security: From Automotive to Test Equipment

Dionis Teshler, CTO, Guard Knox


10 September- Coherent homodyne receivers for THz frequencies

David Ben-Bassat, Oryx Vision founder & VP R&D


10  December-Deep Learning based Link Adaptation for Wi-Fi 11ax

Dr. Doron Ezri, CTO Wi-Fi at Huawei’s Tel-Aviv Research Center


For registration & more details please contact : / +972-3-7588967