Making 5G a commercial reality -Expert lecture

 Interlligent is pleased to invite you to an expert lecture on the topic of Making 5G a commercial reality on Feb 20, 2019

The Lecture will be presented by Mr. Assaf Touboul, VP technology Qualcomm- 5G Modem Lead (SDX50)

Agenda |

5G is an umbrella of technologies aiming to revolutionize multiple industries . The lecture will start by introducing 5G and its business opportunity. It will cover key targets, vertical market opportunities, deployment approaches, and spectrum allocation. The distribution over worldwide operators' use cases and applications will be dicussed, such as:

  • eMBB
  • CV2X (Vehicular 5G use cases and main KPI)
  • URLLC (Ultra Low latency mission critical aspects)
  • Industrial IOT 

In depth main 5G physical layer (PHY) design considerations and technology evolution will be presented in addition to a high level overview of:

  • MMW cellular aspects (operating cellular at 28/39Ghz bands)
  • Massive MIMO technology and algorithmic skeleton
  • 28Ghz /39Ghz RF architecture and challenges
  • Coding aspects -LDPC and its scalability
  • Ultra-Low latency frame structure design

Assaf will also present the project that he is leading:

Qualcomm's 5G first generation 5G modem overview


The event will take place at Interlligent's Tel Aviv Training Centre, 11th floor, 2 Koyfman st.


Attendance is free, upon availabilty. Register here

For more information contact: Tel :03-7588967 | Email: