THz CMOS Transmitters- Expert lecture

Interlligent is pleased to invite you to an expert lecture on the topic of THz CMOS Transmitters  on Feb 20,2018

The Lecture will be presented by Prof. Eran Socher , Head of the High
Frequency Integrated Circuits Lab at Tel Aviv University


Millimetre wave and THz frequencies are emerging as a
viable development direction for RFICs.
These high frequencies provide unprecedented bandwidth and smaller
integrated passive devices and antennas.
With possible application to high data rate communication and sensing using
CMOS integrated circuit is very appealing.
However, achieving high output power and high efficiency in CMOS is very
challenging due to parasitic losses in interconnects and the silicon substrate.
Implementing antennas on chip or transitions to off-chip antennas and arrays
are therefore very challenging.


The event will take place at Interlligent Tel Aviv Training Centre,2 Koyfman st.

 Attendance is free, upon availabiltiy,registration required us 

  Please contact : 03-7588967 or email: