Interlligent presented an inaugural seminar to formally launch its UK RF Test and Solutions Business

The RF and microwave design seminar took place at the Cambridge City Hotel on Wednesday 25 June 2014.

The authoritative programme included presentations from leading technical and market intelligence experts. The event covered diverse topics including power amplifier design, field-programmable RF transceivers, on-wafer probing, and the status of the global microwave market.    It featured presentations from a number of technical and market intelligence experts, including: Prof. Steve Cripps of the University of Cardiff; Dr. Robin Sloan of the University of Manchester; Dr. Ebrahim Bushehri of Lime Microsystems; Liam Devlin of Plextek RF Integration; Dror Regev of Terra Freedom; and Terry Edwards of Engalco Research.

Chair: Helen Duncan, Managing Director, MWE Media