Interlligent CTO featured on Microwave Journal

Oren Hagai, Founder and CTO of Interlligent RF & Microwave Solutions, says in a new interview: "The plan is to expand into engineering services and to represent RF related companies in the U.K. as well"

Oren HagaiOn December 14th 2015, Microwave Journal issued an executive interview with Oren Hagai, Interlligent founder & CTO. Hagai outlined the company's activities in the United Kingdom: "recognizing the potential, two years ago we decided to register as a U.K. company with Companies House, which we did last year".

Hagai revealed that "we intend to invest in our U.K. activity, not only financially but with expertise". According to the CTO's plans, "We are relocating staff from Israel to the U.K. so that we can take advantage of the fact that we are managed and run by microwave engineers". However, it will take some time: "it may take another year or two until we have all our services available in the U.K".

Interlligent is also interested in RF Incubators. Hagai describes the start-ups in the London & Cambridge area as "amazing", and says that "it's only a matter of time before we make our first investment in a U.K. company".

Regarding the annual Interlligent U.K. RF and Microwave seminars, Hagai says that "the seminar turned out to have a life of its own, with people talking about it and anticipating the next one. The event is growing bigger and bigger each year...we also intend to expand our RF design seminar into a two-day event and to include a practical training workshop".

As for the origins of Interlligent, "I started the enterprise solely as a training company", tells Hagai, "but over the years since 2000, we have expanded into other complementary fields as well."

On January 1st 2016, Haim Ben-Ami was appointed CEO of Interlligent LTD. Sam Luke is the CEO of Interlligent UK. Oren Hagai has been the CEO of Interlligent since 2000. His current position is founder & CTO.

You may read the full interview with Oren Hagai on Microwave Journal's website.