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Intelics - Intelligent Component & Systems - is a sister company of Interlligent, founded in order to address the ever growing demand for in depth design driven marketing and value added services, having operated previously as a division of Interlligent - RF&MW Solutions, the knowledge center for RF engineering services.
Intelics is partnering with worldwide leading manufacturers of components and systems, at the cutting edge of current and future technologies, facilitating their access and exposure to the local industry .
Intelics' goal is to provide the best match of products for a wide range of applications, through professional expertise and integrity.

Please contact contact@inteli-cs.com for more information on RF components & systems.

Peregrine Semiconductor manufactures RFIC using the UltraCMOS® technology, Peregrine products are poised to meet the demands of a global RF design community.

  • RF Switches
  • Digital Step Attenuators
  • Mixers/MOSFET Quad Array
  • PLL Freq Synthesizers
  • Prescalers
  • RF Tuning Products

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Lime Microsystems specializes in field programmable, single chip RFIC (FP-RF) transceivers for the next generation broadband systems, enabling use in multiple frequencies/multiple standards environments.
Fully configurable software defined radio up to 3.8GHz on a single chip! 

Typical applications:

  • Small cell communications equipment
  • M2M networks
  • Open source radio
  • Broadband wireless
  • Netbooks and tablet PCs
  • Test equipment

Please contact sales@interlligent.com for more info.

Adesto is the leading supplier of value added Non-Volatile Memory solutions and is the only company to deliver industry leading Serial Flash and Next Generation Ultra Low Power CBRAM NVM Solutions .

  • DataFlash E - series
  • Fusion series
  • Legacy products
  • CBRAM - EEPROM replacement
  • CBRAM IP licensing

Please contact sales@interlligent.com for more info.

COMPEX Corp provides Single Layer Components to the RF, Microwave, Telecommunications, and Fiber optics Industries.

  • Chip Capacitors
  • Multi-chip Capacitors
  • Mounting Shorts 
  • Sub mounts

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Intelliconnect is well-known worldwide designer  & manufacturer of:

  • Waterproof & harsh environment products
  • Cable Assemblies to  67 Ghz
  • Triaxial
  • Push - Pull connectors
  • Multipin
  • Customized RF Connectors

Please contact sales@interlligent.com for more info.

Maury Microwave provides Interconnect & precision calibration solutions

  • ColorConnect™ Precision Adapters.
  • Test Essentials™ Lab Adapters.
  • Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies 
  • VNA Calibration Kits.
  • Coaxial Calibration Standards.
  • Waveguide Calibration Standards
  • VNA Test Port Cable Assemblies

Please contact sales@interlligent.com for more info.

DiTom Microwave has over 26 years of experience engineering, designing, and manufacturing high quality ferrite isolators and circulators for the Space and Defense markets. Ditom's ferrite product line consists of CoTS and HiRel manufactured products from 400 MHz - 40 GHz. Over 100 models of Isolators and Circulators. Main products:

  • RF Isolators
  • Ferrite Circulators

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Farran Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of Millimetre-Wave Components and SubSystems for Radar and Imaging, Communications, Research, Test and Measurement, and Aerospace.

  • Spectrum analyzer extension
  • MMWAVE Components
  • Signal Generator Frequency Extenders
  • VNA Frequency Extender solutions
  • Noise Figure Analyser Frequency Extenders

Please contact sales@interlligent.com for more info.

Flann Microwave Ltd is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of Antennas, Precision Microwave Components and Test and Measurement products operating between frequencies of 2 to 500GHz.
With superior product quality, an extraordinary speed of design-to-marketable product performance Flann is an acknowledged market leader of mm-Wave products for military, space, satellites and communication applications.

  • Waveguide to coaxial products
  • Automated test & measurement mmWave components
  • Waveguide calibration kits, variable shorts, tuners and stubs
  • Couplers, diplexers, switches, Hybrid Tees, horn antennas
  • Variable attenuators, phase shifters and filters
  • High power loads
  • Customized complex waveguide assemblies

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MiniRF are dedicated to provide quality RF passive components at competitive prices for existing and emerging Broadband/CATV and Wireless Communications Systems. MiniRF is a proven leader in supplying high performance surface mount passive components. MiniRF components are found in the products of many of the world’s largest suppliers of communication products with nearly a billion units shipped.

  • Transformers
  • Couplers
  • Splitters
  • SMT standard and custom designs

Please contact sales@interlligent.com for more info.

HWITEK group provides Quartz Monitor Crystals applied to vacuum coating, Quartz crystals applied to consumer electronics, communication, military field, aviation and satellite navigation systems. HWITEK also provides high precision quartz blanks to crystals and oscillators manufacturers. Main products include: Synthetic quartz bar, AT & SC cut high precision blanks, Quartz Monitor Crystals, High precision crystals, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs.

  • Crystal Units
  • Tuning Fork Crystal Units
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • Programmable XOs
  • VCXO
  • OCXO
  • Quartz Monitor Crystals
  • High Precision Crystals

Please contact sales@interlligent.com for more info.

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