RF Engineering Team

Our team of RF experts is capable of supporting R&D teams in various ways: technical tests & measurements performance, "HandsOn" design, consulting guidance and more. Our engineers group include junior to senior RF engineers. All team members have vast experience in numerous RF fields and are capable of being easily allocated between projects.

Career Path of INTERLLIGENT's Engineering Team

Every RF engineer on our team is required to undergo a long training period and demonstrate his/her technical capabilities as well as excellent inter-relations skills, in order to become a qualified outsourced RF engineer.

A fresh graduate electrical engineer who completes our RF & Microwave engineering course with honors has the opportunity to apply for an RF engineer - intern position at INTERLLIGENT. The  internship period is dedicated to the purpose of mastering the RF engineering profession and enhancing the theoretical knowledge. The internship includes several consecutive stages of practical work directed by our mentors.

Junior level up to 3 months
  • Implementation of corporate's work procedures
  • Introduction to engineering team work standards
  • Practice of fundamental test & measurement procedures
  • Enhancement of theoretical knowledge
  • Introduction to ongoing projects at the engineering department
  • Becoming an outsourced RF test engineer

Experienced level up to 3 years

  • Assisting senior RF engineers in numerous projects (up to 1 year)
  • Performing test/integration projects
  • Teaching students (lab sessions) at our RF training center

Senior level after 3 years

  • Supporting R&D teams

  • Joining our RF training staff as a lecturer

  • Mentoring junior RF engineers in our Internship program

Career benefits

  • During their work, our engineers are exposed to different technologies in various projects, and have the opportunity to gain significant practical knowledge
  • Every outsourced engineer is required to expand his theoretical knowledge during his internship period by participating in all our inbound RF training programs.

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