Amplifiers Design Course Jun 13, 2018

This advanced training course is suitable for experienced RF engineers. This course combines theoretical studies along with practical sessions in a total of 40 hours training program.

RF & Microwave Amplifiers Design Course is an advanced training for experienced RF engineers who wish to improve their knowledge in the fields of LNAs and PAs design in the transistor level. Amplifiers design techniques will be presented in class, alongside the consideration of system requirements such as linearity, efficiency, stability and noise, and practical considerations such as the influence of board design, impedance matching, quiescent point and more..  

Target audience 

This is an advanced training course for experienced RF engineers, with knowledge in RF circuit's design, who wish to broaden their understanding in the field of RF amplifiers design and measurement techniques. Graduates of the "RF & Microwave engineering " course are entitled to attend this course. 

Training objectives

The training objectives include practice of both theoretical and practical development techniques of LNAs, PAs and ordinary amplifiers. All practical demonstrations in class will be employed on Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS, the market's leading CAD software. The training methods are based on vast experience of RF design and teaching techniques in the Israeli RF educational arena. 

Training format

40 hours, 8 evening sessions. One in every successive week 





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