LabVIEWfor RF Engineers Course, 2018

RF test engineers, who wish to employ LabVIEWfor automatic procedures and control over test equipment will find this class rewarding. 
requirements: experience with test equipment, basic knowledge in programming: code writing, loops, parameters, arrays, etc. The course includes 56 hours of advanced training program.

This practical hands-on training is aimed at experienced RF engineers wishing to acquire the skills required for the control and automation of test equipment and lab evaluation setups.
During the development cycle, RF designers will spend many hours in the lab testing their designs and automation. This process helps to significantly reduce the speed of testing, improve the quality of the testing and the quality of the end product. Similarly, test engineers will want to have their product tested in a repeatable and reliable manner.
Fortunately, most modern RF test equipment supports control via PC and thus enabling the movement away from less repeatable manual testing methods. The use of a PC controlled testing environment helps engineers and the organization to meet their goals in a timely manner.

Target Audience

RF test engineers planning to employ LabVIEW™ for automating test equipment in their lab. Experience with test equipment is required as well as basic knowledge in code writing, loops, parameters, arrays, etc.

Training format

56 hours, 7 daily session, once a week.



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