Introduction to RF & Microwave Engineering Course, Start May 19, 2019

A comprehensive RF & Microwave training program for electrical engineers and RF engineers who seeks to become RF specialist. This program combine in-depth theoretical studies and practical lab sessions. A total of 136 hours.

Course starts: May 19 , 2019

This fundamental and comprehensive RF & Microwave training program of 136 hours includes in-depth theoretical RF material combined with extensive hands-on lab experience utilizing our up-to-date RF lab and extensive inventory of test equipment (TE). 

Course participants will obtain first hand exposure to Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) through an in-class supervised design assignment that will further enhance in-depth learning of theory presented in the class.

Leveraging our unique access to the most advanced and modern test equipment and our major investment of over $2M in RF training facilities, class students will enjoy an advanced RF training environment during their training period.

Students who complete all class duties, will obtain a comprehensive and most relevant practical RF experience that will assist them with future engineering challenges.

Target Audience
  • Electrical engineers and physicists (BSc. minimum) with 0-6 years of RF experience, including fresh university/college graduates wishing to specialize in the RF field.
  • High-tech and defense industry engineers, interfacing with RF aspects in their daily work and need to get in-depth and well-structured training in the field.
Training format
  • The course opens twice a year: March & November.
  • Total of 136 hours. 100 hr. -  20 evening sessions of in-depth theoretical RF training + 36 hr. – 9 sessions of hands-on lab
  • Location: Tel Aviv (Public Course) or On-Site (Enterprise Courses)
  • Language: Hebrew (Israel) or English (EU, America & Asia)
Course opening date: May 19, 2019

Early bird discount (700 NIS) ends Apr 18,  2019

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