Signal Integrity and Power Integrity, starts June 17, 2019

High speed digital signals are essentially broadband RF signals by nature, which need to propagate through a PCB or a system with a minimal distortion. The signal quality or Signal Integrity (“SI”) can easily deteriorate due to multiple mechanisms, such as attenuation, crosstalk, mode conversion, poor impedance matching, jitter, dispersion and other causes. As a result, the overall Bit Error Rate (BER) is increased, while EMC test failures and product reliability problems emerge. These problems lead to extended development time, repetitive layouts, numerous reproductions and a waste of budget.

Moreover, Signal Integrity in high speed digital ICs is highly effected by the Power Supply’s quality. This calls for strict Power Delivery Network (PDN) design and analysis from the die (silicon) to the Voltage Regulator Module on the PCB which is known as Power Integrity (PI).

This training course deals with Signal and Power integrity of high speed digital signals.

The topics include:

• Design and analysis of SI from PCB to system level and PI in the PCB level.

• Practical Design Guidelines for PCB design in multi restricted environment.

• Extensive SIPI theory and practice, demonstration of the studied material with the help

   of dozens of examples from simulations and measurements.

• Briefing on data sheets and common specifications

• Familiarizing with SIPI simulation and measurement tools.

• SI proof of design and failure investigations.

• Qualification in defining Layout instructions for proper SIPI.

Target audience :

All professional engineers that are involved in design, qualification and manufacturing of products that contain high speed digital signals, such as: board design, layout, SIPI, verification, system and process manufacturer engineers.


The lecturer: Mr. Dror Haviv - has a M.Sc degree in electrical engineering focused in electromagnetism and microwaves. He is one of the leading SIPI engineers in Israel and known to have years of teaching experience in the SIPI field. Dror serves as an expert SIPI engineer and a researcher. As part of his job, Dror qualifies, trains and supervises many engineers in the SIPI field on a daily basis. Beyond his extensive SIPI knowledge he also has a deep familiarity with various types of simulation tools and test equipment.

Training format

36 hours
4 daily sessions
Once a week.

Course opening date: June 17, 2019

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