Incubator Facilities

Seed stage or junior companies who wish to join our RF ventures incubator activity gain a sustainable business environment and an advanced technological infrastructure. We offer companies the choice of essential facilities they require to support their business activities.

If you are looking for:
  • Fully equipped and designed workspace
  • Private conference rooms
  • Prime location on the seashore of TLV
  • Complete office services
  • In-house complementary consultancy services

Come join us to our renewed upgraded 11th floor facility!

  • Designed & new office workspace
  • Spacious and advanced conference rooms
  • TLV prime location - Manta Ray Beach, Neve Zedek, HaCarmel Market.
  • Parking arrangements
  • Established and reliable IT infrastructure
  • Equipped Lab Facilities
  • Extensive RF and MW Test Equipment inventory
  • Professional technological consultancy
  • Accounting, Legal and IT services
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Our R&D labs include up to date Keysight’s test equipment, advanced CAD tools, Load - pull tuners, “instant prototyping” PCB machines, RF components and other useful accessories.
Our added value
  • Active board membership
  • Business and Strategic Guidance
  • Vast experience
  • Network of connections
  • Knowledge and equipment hub
  • Solid financial resources


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